Lita Setchfield, Handweaver


I was first inspired to become a weaver when I went to an exhibit of Scandinavian textiles while I was living in Minnesota. Something deep inside me screamed: “I want to do THAT!” That voice has remained the most consistent of all my varying whims and passions. Now, 15 years later, even after completing a 4 year program as a master weaver, I still consider myself a novice in the big endless world of weaving.

Why do I weave? It is often a frustrating, tedious, and ridiculously time consuming art form. In no other aspect of my personality do I have the traits of being an extremely patient perfectionist. I continue weaving in an attempt to answer that question. It is a drive I have inside me that is unexplainable, and also unavoidable and irresistible. Despite so many other unanswered questions in my life, I simply KNOW that I am meant to be a weaver. To me, magic happens at the loom when the threads line up, move in their ordered formation, and with the fly of the shuttle and clack of the beater, fabric unfolds before your eyes.

I have taken my weaving with me through our life aboard a sailboat and to my new home in Costa Rica, where I am weaving other dreams into reality through the construction of our new home and weaving studio.   I am currently drawing most of my inspiration from the extravagant nature all around me here in the tropics.


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  1. Graciela says:

    I like your blog so much. I think the loom is magic, too. I invite you to know my blogs. Greetings from Argentina. Graciela

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