The first of 3 shawls comes off the loom

July 21, 2010

Introducing: the first in a line of shawls I’m making, based on an encoded pattern from the sufi chant: la il la ha il allah. “God is all there is”, the ultimate chant of praise and love. A point twill, the pattern is an endless repetition of different diamonds.

I love making patterns based on codes. How is it done? Basically, each letter in the phrase to be encoded is given a shaft number, and that becomes the basis of the pattern. In this case, I had to add shafts in order to keep the twill order.

It feels great to have this one done finally, as it has taken much longer than I expected. It is soft and luxurious and delicate. I think this shawl should be worn on a full moon evening, but definitely not worn near thorned bushes or animals with claws.

This is my first project towards my Master Weavers Certificate. Is it perfect enough? I’ll weave two more and take the most perfect of the three to hand in…..what pressure!

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  1. Erin says:

    You amaze me.

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