New boat, new loom

November 22, 2011

As I write this I can hear dolphins breathing in the water just outside our boat.  We are living on our new (to us) 37 foot sailboat. To go along with the new boat I got a new loom.  I’m trying out a rigid heddle loom.  I have never used one before, and after doing some research on the available models, I chose the Emilia, which is made by Glimakra.  I’m quite happy with it and finding that it is very easy to use in the small confined space of a sailboat.  So far I have made a few scarves and some dishtowels and I have ordered the second heddle kit to expand my weaving possibilities on it.  After weaving on an 8 shaft loom for the last few years, the simplicity of a rigid heddle loom is refreshing.

Weaving at Sea

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