Weaving on a sailboat

October 27, 2010

About a month ago, I left on a once in a lifetime voyage with my dear husband.  We left Lake Champlain in our recently purchased sailboat, heading south for the winter!  It’s a big, crazy adventure that we are very happy about.

Our sailboat is very small, and one of the first challenges I faced in embracing this new idea of spending months living in such a tiny space, was “how am I going to be able to weave on this little boat?!”.  After some research into small, foldable looms, I found someone who was willing to let me use her new Louet  “Jane” table loom, which has 8 shafts and folds down quite flat when not in use.

Here I am “weeving” in our wee boat:

I just finished my first project aboard the Wee Happy.  It is a simple scarf made of a hand dyed cotton warp and raw silk weft.  Leno lace creates the open lacy parts.

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